Brief History:

The business was established in 1980 by Barry Rae.  Over the years the business has transitioned from specialising in architectural services to where we are today providing urban design and planning services.  This has been reflected in our trading name, having evolved from: Barry Rae Consultants - Barry Rae Architects and Planners - Barry Rae Transurban - Transurban.

We are founded on the strong principles of Ekistics and an holistic approach to urban development, relying on the combined disciplines of urban design and planning.

Barry's son, Nick joined Transurban in 2007 to work alongside Barry and continue the family business.  Nick's background in landscape architecture and urban design was a complementary fit with the business.

Sadly Barry passed away in 2009 after a brief illness.  Nick and the Transurban team continue to provide urban design and planning services based on the core values and principles that Barry established.


"Our unique trans-disciplinary approach integrates urban design, development planning and resource management services."