A successful project development strategy must pro-actively integrate design and planning processes while responding to changing market and investment conditions.  We provide an innovative holistic approach to urban development that integrates urban design, development planning, resource management and architectural and landscape design and draws on the science of 'ekistics'.  Ekistics is the term coined by Constantinos Apostolos Doxiadis as the science of human settlements. It relies on; an understanding of the complex relationships between; 

housing and human needs
buildings and public open spaces
people and places
landuse and accessibility
movementa and urban structure
development and the natural environment
feasibility and funding
strategy and implementation

Follow link for further information on the principles of Ekistics.

We respond to opportunities for changing the urban environment across the scales from specific solutions at the individual buildings and street scale to the strategic regional level.  We seek solutions that synthesise issues of the natural, human and built environment to achieve successful urban spaces.