Human Settlement Strategies

Kingseat Urban Investigation

Client: Karaka Estate Limited

Objective: Agree with Council that Kingseat is a potential area for future urban development.

What we did: Site investigation to determine suitability for urban development. A thorough analysis of the site, which included regional context, infrastructure, stormwater, landform and character, planning constraints and existing site features, lead to the design of a preliminary zoning concept plan as a basis for future discussions. The vision is an urban village in a rural environment, providing high amenity and a point of difference, being an attractive place to live, play and work.

Putting together a report, containing various analyses, visions and preliminary concepts, which is to be used as a presentation brochure in the future.

Outcome: Multiple local and national presentations, starting the dialogue between land-owners/ developers and the council. Currently waiting for council's response.