Public Realm Initiatives

Tauranga Waterfront

Client: Tauranga City Council.

Objective: Redesign the waterfront area to better integrate town centre development with the harbour.

What we did: Design proposal for competition and urban design and planning input to execute first stages.

Outcome: Winning competition entry and Stage 1 works complete.

Winning competition proposal for the redevelopment of the downtown waterfront, Tauranga City. The design celebrates sailings, arrivals, anchorage and settlement. It has as an inherent baseline the history of Tauranga, and pays respect to both the natural history and the cultural evolution of the harbour and the city. Settlement and bi-cultural values are expressed by the integration of abstracted Maori imagery and forms, the extension of the city grid with its attendant facilities and activities onto the harbour edge and a careful interface of indigenous and exotic plantings.